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Spooky Little Kitty


A few folks have been asking to see some behind the scenes process photos. Spooky Little Halloween Kitty is my latest creation.  

Watercolor is where all of my designs begin. I start with a drawing.  I usually draw in Procreate since it's so easy to erase and get the shapes and lines just right.  Once complete, I print out my drawing and transfer it to my watercolor block.  I use a ballpoint pen to re-trace all the lines.  It's how I learned in art school, and how I still do it today.  Love good ol' fashion transfer paper!


Then the fun begins!  Applying the watercolor is my favorite part!

I keep going and going until all the color is complete.  I haven't quite captured the rest of my process yet.  I'm working to capture more and more soon.  Once the pieces are done, I scan them to my computer and transfer them back to Procreate for all of the final edits and additions like my hand lettering.  I tend to go back and forth with the files between Procreate and PhotoShop to complete the final piece. 

Thanks so much for stopping by!  I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into my creative process!  

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