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Shimmer and Shine

Spring has sprung in Seattle and it's crazy as usual!  One minute rain and the next glorious sunshine.  Wind and then hail.  You just never know.  It does keep it exciting!

I've been very busy in the studio painting and creating new cards and stickers.  *Noted the Greeting Card Expo is in just a few short weeks and of course I'm scrambling a bit here and there to get ready.  It's so fun having a lot of new choices for the buyers!


Here I am at my first *Noted show.  It was my first tradeshow and I had the best time.  I really am so excited for the show in April.  So many friends and so much to celebrate!

 And here are some of the new cards I'll be bringing along to the show!

And the ones with new Metallic Ink that truly shimmer and shine!  I can't wait to share these!

Hope the sun is shining bright on you this spring!  Thanks for coming along for a little Mossy and a little Blue!


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Happy Thinking of You Week!

I remember the first time I learned to address an envelope. I can see my elementary school room so vividly. The blackboard in front of me, the crisp white envelope and the very sharp number 2 pencil placed on my desk. We had been learning cursive and our teacher thought it would be great to put our new skills to the test. I loved angling the paper to get just the right curve on my letters, wanting it to look perfect. I kept thinking how special it would be to send someone a letter, and was thrilled at the prospect.

To this day I address an envelope the very same way. I love the clean lines and making the lettering look special and neat. There is nothing in the world like opening your mailbox, seeing a bright envelope with your name hand-lettered, and knowing something special is inside.   

I’m lucky to have friends who love sending and receiving greeting cards. My heart skips a beat when I open the mailbox and there one is. I walk faster back to the house so I can open it and find what surprise is inside. I can feel the love spilling out from the card when I see a message of Hello, How are you or Hey, just sayin’ hi.  

I’ve saved many of the cards I’ve received over the years and wanted to share a few that made me smile and laugh, made my day brighter, or provided so much comfort in a challenging time. I cherish them and display them with so much joy. I’m so happy to share just a few.

I’ve had this card since my very early 20’s. I’ve never lost track of it and see it every day. It’s part of my heart. It represents a very special bond between my friend and I. If we had known each other as little kids, this picture would have been us. It captures our relationship perfectly.

(Card by Options)

Most of the cards you’ll see here come from a very close and special friend who always checks in on me, always expresses such joy for life and is always taking care of others. Her cards come frequently and I have found such joy and comfort in every single one. I’m so, so lucky to have her in my life.  

(Card by Diane Jackson)

(Card by Rae Ritchie)


(Card by Positively Green)

(Card by Mirthos Paper)

(Card by Studio Eleven | Papers)

(Card by Hallmark)

(Card by Positively Green)

Thinking of you Week is incredibly important. Taking the time to send a greeting card just because is incredibly touching. You can truly bring someone so much joy and love.  I know that over the years greeting cards have held a special place in my heart, and have made me feel loved and appreciated. Sharing that feeling with others is something that inspires me daily. I hope everyone else participating this week, and every other week as well, will find that shared joy just as impactful. Happy Thinking of You Week!


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Oh spring! - And, the lovely beginnings of Summer

It has been the loveliest of Springs in the PNW.  Lots of rain showers to make everything lush and green.  

So many amazing things happened this spring.  I was so honored to be nominated for a prestigious Louie Award.  My husband Kyle and I flew to San Francisco in April for the big ceremony and it was incredible.  I still can't believe it, but I won a Louie!  

It was such a celebration!  I got to hang out with my amazing and wonderful greeting card besties.  The most amazing and supportive women a girl could ask for! 

Kyle took me out to continue the celebration and San Francisco delivered!  Such a good trip!

Spring has led me to new energy and I've been getting a lot of new plants.  It's been so much fun plant shopping with my cousin and we've had some amazing finds!

This one is my favorite so far.  So much mossy blue!

We stumbled across this cool succulent garden in the cool neighborhood of Fremont in Seattle.  So beautiful!

Hope your solstice was lovely and summer brings you sun, joy, love, and light! 

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Winter is here and it’s been pretty cold.  Rain, snow, ice and wind!  We have been lucky and have had a very mellow, cozy December.  Had family close and lots of snuggle time. In between storms we've had Finn out and about too!

One of my favorite projects this December was being one of 10 designers selected as part of Changing the Narrative’s Anti-Ageism Campaign.  So honored to be among these amazing designers.  Here is a sneak peak at my design.  All 10 will be released in January 2023 and mine will be available on my website once the campaign launches.  If you’d like to read more about the campaign and see links to the other designers, the link is here.

The rest of December I’ll be working really hard to wrap up final to do lists for the Atlanta Market and NYNow. I’ll be showing my line in Atlanta in January and in New York in February. These will be the biggest and longest trade shows I’ve ever attended. I’m both very nervous and also very excited! I’ll be surrounded by other paper lovers and some very good friends so I know I'll be ok. Lots more to come on my travels and experience as 2023 progresses.

If you fancy even more Mossy Blue art and adventure stories head on over to Wonder and Wander, my Patreon.  It's such a great way to support artists, and learn more about their art and why they create.  I have followed a few artists over the years and it's been so fun to go along their journeys.  

Wonder and Wander is a space where you can join me on my creative journey. You'll find even more: painting videos, Patron-only peeks into work in development, & early access to all things Mossy Blue.

I truly hope as you read this you’ve had a wonderful and restful December.  May winter fill your heart with comfort as you take time to snuggle in and maybe even hibernate a little. 

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Gifts From the Heart


I always have a drawer full of greeting cards. I love going through them to find just the right card for the occasion. A few cards I tend to use a lot are thank you cards, momma or baby cards, and, of course at this time of year, Holiday cards.

I've heard so many times that my customers return to get more cards so they can make a little gift bundle to give their friends and family to have on hand. That is incredible and I am so thankful.  Here are a few of my favorite cards you might like to share.

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Spooky Little Kitty


A few folks have been asking to see some behind the scenes process photos. Spooky Little Halloween Kitty is my latest creation.  

Watercolor is where all of my designs begin. I start with a drawing.  I usually draw in Procreate since it's so easy to erase and get the shapes and lines just right.  Once complete, I print out my drawing and transfer it to my watercolor block.  I use a ballpoint pen to re-trace all the lines.  It's how I learned in art school, and how I still do it today.  Love good ol' fashion transfer paper!


Then the fun begins!  Applying the watercolor is my favorite part!

I keep going and going until all the color is complete.  I haven't quite captured the rest of my process yet.  I'm working to capture more and more soon.  Once the pieces are done, I scan them to my computer and transfer them back to Procreate for all of the final edits and additions like my hand lettering.  I tend to go back and forth with the files between Procreate and PhotoShop to complete the final piece. 

Thanks so much for stopping by!  I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into my creative process!  

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Painting and Adventuring

Painting and Adventuring


Welcome to my blog! I'm so excited to share my adventures in the Pacific Northwest, where I live and paint. 

I'm a watercolor artist with a passion for nature, travel and adventure. I love exploring new places, learning about different cultures and experiencing new things.

I've lived in this part of the world my entire life, and it's truly my home. The mossy trees and salty blue seas always inspire me to create art reflecting my surroundings.

I’ll be sharing my experiences behind the scenes in my studio as well as many of my wanderings through these beautiful forests and waterways.  I’m sure my sweet, Finn will make many appearances too.  He's definitely an adventure pup!

I hope you'll enjoy following along with me as we explore together!





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